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hallie bond





New York

A bit about me...

Hi there! I'm Hallie and I was born and raised in Rochester Hills, Michigan. I’m the youngest of three kids and I'm a proud aunt. My vocal debut happened at the age of 4 at a neighborhood talent show, and I haven’t stopped performing ever since. Although my family is not exactly musically inclined I've been lucky enough to have their support through all of my artistic endeavors (even all 4 productions of Annie... It's a hard knock life, Mom and Dad.) If I wasn’t on stage, I was riding and competing in horse shows, and even then, I would sing to my horse to calm her nerves on show days! By the age of 15 I was attending summer boot camps at the Institute for American Musical Theatre in New York City where I received training from Broadway professionals for the fist time. After my first summer in NY I fell in love with the city and knew this is where I would want to study post high school.

So, At age 18, I packed up and moved to NYC to train full time at IAMT. Living and training in the city through a worldwide pandemic has helped me grow so much, not only as a performer, but as a person. I have had the privilege of learning from and connecting with extremely talented people who inspire me to stay committed to seeking my joy, keeping an open mind, and chasing my dreams fearlessly. 

I am an ENTP, and an enneagram type 7 (or 2, depending on the day.) I am passionate about mental health awareness and de-stigmatizing mental illness. I'm an advocate for female empowerment and the Black Lives Matter movement. My friends would describe me as empathetic, faith-filled, straight forward, and a bit of a wild card... but I would describe myself as unfinished.








Jersey Boys  |  Rehearsal Swing  |  Norwegian Cruise Lines

Fiddler On the Roof  |   Hodel  |   Stoney Creek HS Theatre Company

Freaky Friday  |   Katherine  |   Stoney Creek HS Theatre Company

Spelling Bee |   Shwartzy  |   Stoney Creek HS Theatre Company

1984  |   Julia  |   Stoney Creek HS Theatre Company

Beauty and the Beast  |   Belle  |   WMS Theatre Company

The Little Mermaid |   Adella  |   Summer Music Theatre, MI

Good Luck in Space  |  Brewster  |  by Greg Kotis and Mark Hollmann

SuperYou  |  Seven  |  by Lourds Lane, directed by JoAnn M. Hunter

Seneca Falls Play  |  Elizabeth Cady Stanton  |  by Jill Twiss

Institue for American Musical Theatre

Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit - Summer Musical Theatre Intensives

Stoney Creek Choirs - Directed by Brandon Ulrich

Voice: Fred Love, Andrew Drost, Tonna Miller

Acting: Michael Minarik, Sarah Ford

Dance: Muscial Theatre - Nicholas Cunningham, Ricky Hinds

  • Tap - Jenny Florkowski, Deanna Doyle

  • Ballet - Ted Keener

  • Commercial Jazz Funk - Lindsay Lancaster

  • Modern - Braina Reed

Film & TV: Colin Hanlon

Scene Study/Song Interp.: Marni Raab, Jim Weitzer, David Michael Garry

Master Classes: Rachel Hoffman, Merri Sugarman, Gayle Seay

2018 Michigan Music Conference: Outstanding Performance as a Musical Theatre Soloist

2019 Mid-Michigan Theatre Arts Festival: Outstanding Student Director

Harmonizing, Knowledge of Basic Music Theory, Valid MI State Drivers License, Horseback Riding, Picks up Accents/Dialects easily, Tongue Clover, Lip String Puppeteer, Certifed Yoga Instructor

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